Success Stories

Advertising Agency Transition

An Account Manager working for a large advertising agency in New York City wanted to make the transition from advertising to brand management. The candidate had an undergraduate degree in advertising and communications but did not have an MBA. Candidate was not able to relocate.

Most of the candidate’s experience was image/HBA advertising so we decided to focus on companies whose products were geared towards cosmetics and fashion. Many of the cosmetic companies that we targeted preferred candidates with a graduate degree but we were able to identify an apparel company whose marketing executives came from a traditional CPG background and tried to bring some of that experience into the apparel business.

Company agreed to interview candidate and candidate did very well on interview. Candidate was offered a position as an Assistant Marketing Manager and was promoted to Associate Marketing Manager within 12 months. Two years later the company was relocating to another area of the country and the candidate was offered a position as Marketing Manager in the new location. Candidate decided not to relocate and was able to secure a marketing position with a local company that in the past would have passed on her candidacy because of not having an MBA.