Success Stories

Place Candidate from Internet Start Up

A candidate had recently been hired as a Director of Marketing for an internet start-up. Shortly after joining the company the candidate lost his job when the company was forced to close its doors because of a lack of funding. Prior to the internet experience the candidate had been in product marketing for a quick serve restaurant chain. Candidate did have an MBA from a top school. Candidate wanted advice as to where he should focus his search.

Most of the candidate’s experience was in the quick serve restaurant industry. The candidate had moved up from a Product Manager to a Director but it was unlikely that the candidate would be able to stay at the Director level unless they continued to move forward with opportunities of an entrepreneurial spirit. We discussed the pros and cons of traditional CPG experience vs. other opportunities such as QSR and internet and the candidate decided that it would be worthwhile to go after opportunities that were more traditional. The candidate felt that getting the foundation of the traditional CPG marketing experience/training would be beneficial over the long term.

Candidate interviewed for a number of CPG and CPG related companies at both the Associate Brand Manager level and the Brand Manager level. Candidate had multiple offers and after much deliberation decided to take a position with a well known CPG training company at a Senior Associate Brand Manager level. The candidate, because of his experience, was able to move quickly through the company and after three years is a Senior Brand Manager.